Art is best seen in person” – Some wise dude

It’s always nice to look at art on your phone or computer, so easy to find and so much of it, you just have to love it. However… there is no way to experience the full extent of a piece of art unless you’re standing in front of it. From the direct perspective of your point of view you’ll see nuances, lighting changes or even details that a digital rendering can’t convey.

This is why you should keep a keen eye for upcoming exhibitions and at this page is where you’ll find all of Just an Erics previous and upcoming Exhibitons.

Upcoming events:

Thought & Reason

Café Kotten (Fontin, Kungälv) – 15/4 – 20/4 2019

Mon – Fri  10 – 19

Sat  11 – 16

Hallifornia  (Varberg ) 18/7 – 20/7 2019