Get in the “zone”

Here are some links to spotify playlists who are designed to get you into the zone while working creatively

Reset – A playlist made to ease you into a blissful state of flow. with minimal if any lyrics and a soft electric sound.

Klassisk chill – Do you like to relax to classical music? here’s a playlist that’s probably to your liking.

Inspiration – I believe you can tell stories with sounds and here’s the playlist to put my thesis to the test.

Lobeets – Another electro-relaxation playlist. This one is a bit more mixed with both lyrics and a lot more  psychedelic.

Full frontal lobe massage – This playlist is pure bass. Not for sensitive ears and is best listened to with headphones.

Strolling street – Curated by “roycegoodstuff” and as explained by him “this playlist is best enjoyed while strolling-under-the-influence (your experience may vary)