Here are links to some inspirational and boundary pushing associations and people
MAPS mapsThe homepage for a non-profit organisation which provides research and information about psychedelics and marijuana. furthering our understanding about these mind expanding substances.
Alex GreyAlex_Grey-OversoulA well known visionary artist who also is the co founder of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM).
Filippo Cardutoothless_dark150dpiA Zentangle-esque italian artist. It’s probably not a surprise that i find his beautiful and highly detailed artwork inspiring as fuck.
Kerby RosanesNight Whale

MITYAMITYAA Russian musician which produces auditory works that are comparable to honey for the ears. Click here to listen to his EP Crest


Wikipedia is the one-stop-shop of information on the internet today. More reliable and expansive than it has ever been before, you can learn about the most obscure facts and let you do research on pretty much whatever. without this seeming like an ad for wikipedia i just want to say. It’s a good way to find shit. Ps. fair warning, you’re likely to find yourself in a “wiki-hole” 

Jason Silva


Jason silva is a speaker, biohacker (of sorts) and philosopher but most of all a truly inspiring individual. Through his youtube series shots of awe he explore different topics and thoughts in very interesting ways. He’s the epithamy of flow-state in speaking, if you listen closely you’ll notice that this guy never pause, never use um or even hesitate when speaking.

School of lifeThe school of life logo with transparent background

The school of life is an organization that focuses on explaining, questioning and helping you with common everyday problems and wonderings through texts and videos. In their videos they pose questions which you may or may not have had and goes into explaining the subject in a very objective way. they’ve also made a video, explaining themselves what is the school of life?